Nuno Felt

Floral Felt Hat



Tylar Merrill has a flair for creating new and exciting accessories to offset her fashions. Her  approach of blending color with layers of surface design gives her textural felts a unique style that has inspired other felt artist and students for years. Each individual shawl, hat, scarf, handbag, or brooch features the color, texture and natural design inspired from the Pacific Northwest.

Nuno felt shawl

Black Peacock Shawl

Nuno Felt

Nuno Felt Scarves & Hats


Nuno felt scarves

Collage of Stained Glass


Nuno Felt Shawl

Silk Nuno Shawl

Nuno Felt

Nuno Felt Shawl & Hat

Nuno Felt

Nuno Felt Kafia Hat

JonCMeyers-StudioSession-358 copy JonCMeyers-StudioSession-408 copy

Nuno Felt

Nuno Felt Floral Wrap

Nuno Felt

Blue Kofia Hat & Scraf Merino/Silk

felt collar

Green Leaf Collar

Nuno felt vest

Hand-Dyed Collar














Nuno Felt shawl

Blue Floral Nuno Shawl










Nuno felt handbag

Red Messenger Bag

nuno felt handbag

Red Floral Messenger Bag

Nuno felt handbag

Brown Messenger Bag
































































































Nuno felt hat

Red Cloche Hat














Nuno Felt

Blue Felt Hat with Tassel