Tylar Merrill

Tylar is a fiber artist based in Eugene, Oregon. Her fashion collection includes a wide range and style of garments and accessories based on the nuno felting technique.

Thimbleberry Felt Designs

All designs are original and are made from start to finish in my studio. Each piece carries Tylar’s label and guarantees her integrity and workmanship.


Take a Workshop!

Tylar offer workshops to aspiring beginners and experienced felt artists. With over 30 years of experience sharing her knowledge,  she offers something for every age group and every ability. 


Using rich color and texture, Tylar produces creations that are distinctive and unique to the Pacific Northwest.

Events and Shows

Tylar’s fashions have been shown throughout the Pacific Northwest and can be found in fine galleries, exhibitions, runway shows and events year round.

Thimbleberry Studio

2630 Agate Street
Eugene, OR  97403
Gallery open daily by appointment.